Friday, April 9, 2010

LA Times Guardian Service Article

This month's "Lost L.A." article in the Los Angeles Times is devoted to Guardian Service Ware. Writes Sam Watters:
Cooking right meant protecting your family's health. With memories of the food-starved 1930s, modern Americans had malnutrition on their minds. Century Metalcraft capitalized on the national anxiety and published moralizing ads in home magazines warning mothers they were duty-bound to preserve the vitamins lost in "thoughtless, ignorant, outdated cooking." For side column endorsements, the company hired food guru Adelle Davis, a founder of California cooking, synonymous today with Alice Waters and her followers who promote holistic meals made with fresh, organic foods.

A biochemist graduate from UC Berkeley, Davis launched a 30-year career in 1947 with her landmark book, "Let's Cook It Right." She defined the well-organized kitchen, suggested menus and, like First Lady Michelle Obama, warned against high-calorie, low-nutrition diets. A waterless method, promoted by Guardian Service as unique to their glass-topped caldrons, was essential for preparing healthy meals the Davis way.
The Times also posted photos of additional Vintage Guardian Service Ads from our collection.

Tonight's dinner (and our next blog, this time for sure): Chicken Schnitzel, a recipe adapted for Guardian Service from a traditional Weiner Schnitzel recipe in Lüchow's German Cookbook, Jan Mitchell, 1952.

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